Sunday, July 29, 2012

Does All Religion Lead To God?


THIS BLOG CONTAINS INFORMATION THAT MIGHT NOT BE SUITABLE FOR RELIGIOUS FRAGILE FOLKS, WHO CAN NOT TAKE DIFFERENT VIEWS FROM OTHERS. So do not say you were not warned, in this blog we are looking into 6 major religions of the world whats their take on Jesus Christ? The answers from these few world religion is going to demostrate to us, if all religions lead to one God.

(Judaism, Islam, Roman Catholism, Jehovah's Witness & Christianity).

Questions are tools designed to extracted the hidden TRUTH from the obsucirity of darkness and ignorance. The truth that can not be question the same truth is no truth but a lie. A real and authentic truth will stand any false accursation.

Let me ask the question again, does all religion lead to one God? hold your answers for now. you can comment your answers when you finish reading this blog.

The reason of my asking of this question is because everywhere I go I find these religion; and the myth that all religion leads to one God.

This myth that all religions lead to one God is the most believed myth of old and present time. Cowards in faith debate will close their arguement and say all religion lead to God. if it is true then why is it all these religion they have never come up regardless of their difference in opinion and beliefs and to do one thing together as religions of the world?. A great philosopher by the name Bertrand Russell, surely he had a clue that this is a myth, he said, "it is evident as a matter of logic that, since all these religions disagree, not more than one of the worlds religions can be true".
The idea that there really no differences between religions need to be held up to careful scrutiny and be declared false and a horrible myth. For example:
1. Judaism says that Jesus Christ was not the messiah.
Christianity says Jesus Christ is the Messiah
2. Islam says Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) is merely a prophet.
Christianity says Jesus Christ is the Messiah
3.Roman Catholism says mary is the mother of God our mediator.
Christianity says Jesus Christ is the only mediator
4. Marmonism says that Jesus was satans spirit brother.
Christianity says Jesus Christ came into the world to destroy the works of satan and sin.
5.Jehovah's witness claims Jesus was Michael The Archangel.
Christianity says Jesus Christ is the Messiah.
6.Christianity says Jesus Christ is God in human form also He is the Messiah.

This is why all religion are a form of mental slavery they have done nothing but cause confusion, illusion and corruption. This then brings us back to the question does all religion leads to God? The answer is a strong NO!

The above examples shows us that all religion are the works of man not of God. That makes it clear that we can never all agree on one thing. So do we need religion or love?

I think we need love more than we need religion; God is love and who-so-ever dwells in love dwells in God and God in him.
After all, it was relationship that was broken in the garden of eden not religion; so get off, from religion and Go into a relationship, for religion is a form of mental slavery.  Relationship with God is more improtant than a religion. Jesus on this subject said no man can come to the father expect through the Christ the way. So i personally believe in No religion but in christ who is offering a better deal than Christianity, Islam, and all other religions. (to be continued)


Saturday, May 19, 2012

This Is My Story & Christ's testimony in my life.

Everyone has a story to tell about their life; and a testimony about the God-Factor in their life.

This is my story.....

My name is Tatenda Freeman Mateuro, born on saturday 25th of june 1988, at harare hosptial, in a southern african country called Zimbabwe. My parents divorced when I was young as 1year 8months. this resulted in me being raised by my grandmother, whilst my mother relocated to South Africa to look for green pastures. In those days when I was born it was not easy for a child to be raised by a single mother. By God's grace, I had a good life in terms of material things, I had all the material things that a child can possibly want or need. I had one problem which was asthma from that young age I was always in and out of hosptials. I remember one day my mum had to come all the way from south africa to come to zimbabwe to see her dying son, i remember it like it was yesterday, I had lost a lot of weight, in the middle of night I was sleeping on my death bed I saw my mother looking at me like I was going to die she cried, but I didnt die, I had God's mission to fullfill. I recovered and went back to school and the teachers they discribed me a smart and creative child. yet there was a void in my life that couldn't be filled by any other than the spirit of God but i was ignorant of this. I asked my mother one day, why is it everyone around me is my uncle, how come i never had someone to call father? she then took me to my father, as we went to see my father, he was now remarried with a another child, and his present wife was not amused by the idea of me and my mother to go and reunite, so that first encounter with by biological father it resulted in a conflict between my father and his present wife and whilst me and mum were waiting for him to come and see us, there was a fight going on in the house, where he lived in mbare (zimbabwe's most popular ghetto). me and mum didnt succeed to talk to my father, the man i had always wanted to see all my life. Then we took a taxi home and mum told me how hard it was to accomplish this meeting. but i was excited to have finaly met my hero, then we went back again that same week to see him at his work place and all the people said i looked like him and that kind of made me feel like a person. knowing that I had someone I looked like. finally I could see my old man after every three months when I had school holidays. when i was fourteen years of age, I was enrolled in a boarding school in mout darwin in mashonaland, Chindunduma 1 High School, there I felt part of the crew. another problem emerged, I started smoking ciggerates, marijuana and drinking alcohol. this made me to be labelled as a bad kid and I loved the idea to be called a bad kid cause the result was awesome, that I could get all the young beautiful girls. no girl liked good boys but bad boys. from then i had found a way of putting myself on the spotlight by being naughty. I was always send back home to harare to call parents, either i would have been caught drunk, or I would have been caught in girl's hostels which was a forbidden place for boys. the word now went around that tatenda is now officially a bad kid. whilst within me there was a lil tatenda seeking for identity, acceptence, attention and the disire to be loved. and i was a creative kid, so i would create new naughtiness that was never commited this then managed to make me a popular kid at the school. everybody knew who was tatenda, yet I still had health issues, I was always with my inhaler, oh God that inhaler saved me a lot of troubles, i remember everytime i was caught on the wrong side of school rules i would fake a massive astham attack, and I always find myself not in trouble. I had this gift in me that I would dream true dreams that would come true, at this time i had a dream that my father was dead and i ran away from school and it was as i had dreamed, my old man was very sick with menigitise, he died after few hours of me going to see him. then reality started to sink in that i was only here on earth for a short time i was gonna die like my old man. i went back to school, i would still dream, dreams that would come to pass, then one day i was about to be expelled from school, I wrote a letter to God and I stated in my letter that if God would make me join my mother, I would be a preacher and take care of orphans in every country in africa, at that time my mum had relocated from south africa to united kingdom, then as I would dream this came to pass I had my passport and visa ready but I still had to finish my o' levels, I turned into a mini-monster, i became lawless, I was drunk everyday and I would use my father's death as an excuse to be wasted everyday. i had mastered emotional blackmail at a young age. then i fell sick and this time it was serious i was off school for 2months and i almost died this was now the second time in my life to come to a near death experience because of asthma. then the doctors said it wasn't asthma i had a respiritory condition that would make it difficult for me to live long. This was sad news to my soul and a very good reason to smoke weed, and get wasted. I wrote my last exam escorted by police, with me was some of my close associate, and we endured a massive disciplinary measure from the police and two days later i found myself on the plane to united kingdom. whilst on the plane i had made-up my mind to come and be a good boy, and i reunited with my mother after 7yrs and i had grown from the little tatenda to a boy. we lived with my mother happily. this time my demons from the past came with full force I had to face them.

# the second phase of my life, i was now in the united kingdom with my mother. She didnt really unbderstand me, i was a rebelious kid, who has tasted the world but mum thought i was still a little boy who had asthma. however the beast in me i wanted to take a tour around europe as it had in africa, i started to be involved in selling marijuana, smoking it, within me i had always wanted to be a reggae icon, like lucky dube, burning spear, sizzla kalonje, and capleton. i was involved into all sorts of bad things that you would advise your children not to be involved in. but i was conscious of the damage this will cause my mother seeing that we are in a strange country far away from all our relatives, so i would do all mu dirty staff outside of bedford the local city i lived in, the problem started to come, when now danger was now following me home, the first every crime, i was arrested for was an embarassing one, this girl accused me of sexually rapping her, i was locked up for a week then she confessed that i didnt rape her but whilst i was behind bars reality sank in, i started to remember the letter i wrote to God and how i promised to be a preacher, i also made the same mistake in prison, i told God if he would get me out of here i would be a preacher and please mum and everyone. and the lord brought me out of the prison, then i went back to my old ways, it came to my seocnd i arrested which was a dirivng offense i was arrested for driving without no papers, whilst under the influence, four days i was missing, nobody knew were i was and the police ended-up setting me free i came back home, but still i wasnt finished causing troubles, i was now involved in fraud (419), i almost died again at this period, we had done our deal successfully but the guy i was with, who was my boss, didnt want to share the money equally, and this guy almost stubbed me with a knife and if \god would have intervened i could have been dead, then i went from bad to worst, and my mum was always crying, she would come in front of my bedroom and pray for me, by that time i was convienced that my mum is now insane, she was officially on some drugs she wasnt telling me. then one last asthma attack that send me to the hosptial, i was in hosptial for 2 days, thats when i started to see the God-Factor unveil in my life. the doctors couldnt see what was wrong with me, they runned every blood test that they could run but they could find anything wront with me. (they tested all, diabetes, TB, HIV & AIDS : but still there was nothing wrong with me) then i started to go to church first week a preacher said to me, this sickness isnt unto death but for the glory of God John 9:3) then it was on thursday night i was sleeping, in my house, with a bunch of medications from the doctor which wasnt working anyway, i had a dream, in the dream there was a youth conference but the preacher didnt show-up, then people pushed me to go in front and i started preaching in front of thousands of youths. then i work-up, mum told me the lord had told her that tatenda can not die but he shall live to preach the might works of God. then the following friday it was friday the 13 of april, i gave my life to christ, went back home i could get in the house i slept praying all night in the park and there was a retreat in the church on saturday and i was filled with the holy spirit i started speaking in new tongues. believe me from that day which is 7yrs ago i never had an asthma attack, my life has never been the same, i am growing and still growing spiritually. i consider that tatenda freeman mateuro died longtime ago, its now Christ who lives in this life that i now live in this life. the lord then annointed, appointed, commisioned, ordained & qualified me to be the gospel minster, with a triple h message hope, help and healing. since that day, i have seen miracles that are hard to discribe.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


We are surrounded with so many churches around us, it will be of no absolute point to add another church, to a thousand already existing churches. However not every church that professes the name of Jesus, really and truly mean it, or we can say fully understand, what it means to be a member of a church. This is why Ever_Living_Hope_Institute is there, to bring the message of Hope, Help & Healing with power and clarity to this world, that seem to be full of pain and misery.
~~We have a mandate from on high, to (BELIEVE, LIVE, TEACH & PREACH) the word of God which gives Hope, Help & Healing in all areas of our lives-relationally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, physologically and financially. We understand that we are living in a perculiar unique time according to the prophetic calender of God. We are living in the days where prophesies are being full-filled right before pur eyes.

#Its very crucial to be attentive to divine instruction revealed to us in the gospel of hope; for in doing so, we can achieve divine results in our life. Studies and research up- researches proves to us that, human being we can achieved, if human beings can master the art of listening to their intuition or our smaller still voice within us all. This is what ever living hope institute, is all about, to bring the incorruptible word of God that if it is implanted in our hearts it can brings us all the good we need and it is also able to save our souls. This is our lives hope, we believe it, we live it, we teach it and we preach it. (to be continued)

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Ever-Living-Hope For Everyday: Don't Try To Be Dead To Your Ego, You Are Already ...

The Ever-Living-Hope For Everyday: Don't Try To Be Dead To Your Ego, You Are Already ...: YOUR BIGGEST PROBLEM ISN'T YOUR DEVIL BUT YOUR INGORANCE AND EGO. EGO : is the "I" in everybody. This "I" is the self-aspect of us. Everyb...

Don't Try To Be Dead To Your Ego, You Are Already Dead; Its Not You That Live.


EGO : is the "I" in everybody. This "I" is the self-aspect of us. Everybody must pass through this conscious level to be a blessing to OTHERS. This starts by a realization that, "I" is not physical and this "I" was created in the image and likeness of the great "I AM, THAT I AM" who is spiritual. The spiritul is the parental realm of the physical. All that is physical gets its strength from the spiritual. This ego is self oriented, it likes to judge and it can do anything to protect itself. If the ego remains in this state, it is dangerous to others, self and the enviroment. If you read isaiah you will see the most famous "i" of the devil, the father of all lies and ego. This ego has to die, and that will be the birth of the God in you. Thats why we can never talk about death to self without the cross of calvary. Its only by the cross of calvary was the ego of humanity ever been addressed. Christ in Jesus was egoless and Jesus who was the physical body of Christ had his ego. He battled himself before the cross, he reached to this most famous words of Jesus, father if its your will possible let this cup pass me by, never the less not my will but your will. Ego most of the time wants to do its own will, it doesn't have enough room to consider other will but its will, in the garden of gestsmene, the ego's will was in trouble, it had to die to self. This was the ego test Adam failed in the garden of eden. The I am told Adam of every tree in the garden you shall surely it, but of the tree of knowledge of good and evil you should not eat. Adam was given abundance of grace and one law, because of his ego, he overlooked the abundance of the grace in the garden of eden and he wanted more, his ego led him to eat that which was forbiden of the law as if he had finished with all that was given to him by grace. In other words Adam said in eden, "Father not your will but my will" and as a result sin came in. And in the garden of gestemene Jesus said, "not my will but your will" and rightousness came in. This is what is what to die to self is all about. It means you are dead with Christ, its nolonger you that live but "the Christ in you". All the fleshly works you used to do, you are now consciously dead to them. if you find yourself you are still doing the things you claim to be dead to them, its a sign that in your consciousness you haven't grasped it that you are dead. Its only the divine presence that now resides in you that lives through you. that the life you now live in the flesh it is by faith in the son of God, who loved you and died for you. Remind yourself always, that you are dead to self, and this isn't a physical thing but a spiritual thing, it require you to believe you are dead, then newly born again and you live in the flesh being led by the spirit. Don't try to be dead to self, you are dead to self, the cross killed, your ego, pride, and all the attachments you have to this world. i have heard many believers say they are dead to self, whilst they were boosting up their ego, which means they weren't truely dead. Dead people are dead, they don't talk, walk or do things. Be conscious that you are now a God container from the day you affirmed (Romans 10:9-10). The more you try to dead, that is the more you become alive to self and ego. the more you say what God say about you, that if you are in Christ you are a new creature, behold the old is passed away and everything has become new. This will set you free from all the things the 10 commandments could not set you free. The truth shall set you free and who-so-ever the son sets free is free indeed.

Further readings: Galations whole chapter 2, Romans 10, Romans 6.

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Saturday, January 28, 2012


.......The beauty of transforming an old rusted vehicle into a beauty more important than the joy of the invention of that car. Why? because as cars get old, they become best friends with rust and breakdowns. So the ability to turn rust into beauty, is a miracle. Whilst inventing a car is knowledge in action but not a miracle. We are all like cars, we come without rust, brand-spanking-new from the paper of our mother's womb. We knew no stress, worry, anxiety or any sickness. But as we go along the journey of life, we are like a brand-new car exposed to salt-sea water, which is bitter, and it eats-up the metalic paint on the skin of our life, day after day, till rust gets hold of our physical appearance. It seems like all hope is lost. We are just an old raged-rusted car, people talk about us, we try to cover up, and the more we try to cover-up, the more our rust is exposed. we become outstanding in our rust, that people start to identify us as the rusted-one. just because your hope is rusted it doesn't mean your hope is lost, it only needs a PIMP, to PIMP it up. By pimping i mean to reverse the old rusted car into a head turning brand new auto mobile again.

Most modified (PIMPED) cars, end up looking better than their previous original state. All the hidden abilities in a old rusted car are resurrected back to life. Hope-less-ness is replaced with hope. Possibilities are made manifest as realities....this is the miracle power of God with-in-us all, that if we dare believe in the supremecy of the power of good that resides with-in-us, it can change our rust of worries, cares, burdens, troubles and problems of life into joyful moments. That old-rusted banger of a car, without wheels in the hands of the right mechanic that old banger will SHINE AGAIN.


                                                                Before       After

Hope-less-ness turned into Hope-full-ness. This is what happens at the acception of the lively hope of Jesus Christ. This Hope gives us Help and Healing. Restructuring of your life start to take place when you come to the realization that God exist and He is a rewarder of them that lives up to this truth and make it their personal hope. All hope isn't lost, aslong you are connected to God in your consciousness, there is still hope. you only need to ask by faith......JESUS PIMP LIFE!!!

He is always willing to come into your heart and pimp your hope first then he is on his way to start the project of pimping your life.


I am praying for you reader that your life will be pimped-up, check the blog again and pass this hope to friends, family and enemies.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011



Everything that exist, in this universe, and other planets it is all transparent to God, He knows every little thing in detail. I am talking about just the universe; and how much more we who live in it? The bible says God even knows the number of your hairs, in your head. How is that possible? Nothing is too hard with God and besides, God is wisdom, life, and He is also EVERYTHING. Without God all that you see, great and small, pleasant and UN-pleasant wouldn't be there. That makes God to be the only one, who has the blue-print of all that....THERE IS. 

The bible says we are created in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:26). So we if this is true that we are like likeness and image....that means God must have a plan and thoughts about us. Yes it is true He knows His thoughts and plans towards YOU....(Jeremiah 29:11) says, " I know the plans that i have for you plans to give you HOPE and EXPECTED END" If what God is saying to us through Prophet Jeremiah is true....then there is no need for us to worry, or to be scared....for we have a loving Father who loves us with un-conditional love. We have to believe this and live up to this standard that God has thoughts and plans about us. And always the bible says in (John 3:16) that For God so loved YOU and He gave His only begotten For YOU. If this is true off which it is. This love is real and it is shed abroad in our hearts according to (Romans 5:5). Let this be established in you, regardless of what ever you are going through, For His love is the motive behind the thoughts he has for us.


Firstly we are created in God's likeness and image and God is the best, if it is true that God is the best and you're created in His image and likeness, that means YOU'RE GOD'S BEST. This doesn't matter whether you are on your death bed of in prison, or that you are broke.....but the true according to God is that YOU'RE GOD'S BEST...You don't have to FEEL it but KNOW It.

This is not  a matter of feelings but knowing; your feelings can tell you other wise but tell your feelings, you are to going to feel it that am God's best....get your attitude on it. Act like your happiness depends on this.......God loves you so much that even if you were the only man or woman, boy or girl...God still would have sent His only begotten for your His Other Begotten.

Secondly God knows the plans that He Has for His children, So You don't worry about what people  may plan about you,  neither should you worry about your plans if they fail....for you are not your best but God's best, this is what differs between many people's success. For God knows who are His best....and you are God's should know this...that YOU are God's best.....Make it Your Daily affirmation, declaration or Confession.....and as you say it, Believe it, You will begin To Live It, Eventually You will Teach it to others...

Say it Out Loud "I am God's Best, All THE TIME"

Till then stay bless: Mini-Star Tatenda of The Ever-Living-Hope Institute Bedford